VisionEntriesArchitectural photography of retail spaces is more than creating images. This section is intended to showcase my procedures, thoughts as well as current and archived work. Please feel free to return again as this is frequently updated.


Spring is in the air! 
     The grass is green, the trees are budding and all the flowerbeds look tight. It's the perfect time of year to shoot store exteriors. While featuring the energy of the inside of the store is usually my priority for the client, we usually do go out and capture exteriors as an establishing shot. 
     I find myself working in less than ideal situations more often than I would like, as each style of exterior presents its own unique issues.  Mall exteriors generally have larger windows which pose reflection problems. Landscaping, weather and unfinished facades can hinder outdoor exteriors. Urban street elevations can be the most challenging: pedestrians, cars, news and bike racks, traffic lights, signs, emergency vehicles etc. etc. Not to mention the list of non weather related challenges I've overcome: hundreds of bags of trash, neon signs a block away, drunks, bums, model wannabes, delivery and street cleaning vehicles, Twittering teens, and less than helpful security guards.    
     Through all that, I am proud of many of the storefronts I have shot. I'm sharing some favorites including  Lord & Taylor's Obsessed window that won an innovation award at the RDI awards gala this year. Take a look at a gallery of these images here. 

Juno Lighting Residence

A few of the more than 50 images I recently photographed for Juno Lighitng.  This beautiful home in Key Biscayne features incredible state of the art lighting that works beautiful with the natural Florida light.  To see more of the images please click here.

Pirch Atlanta

Photographed for Fitch Inc, this site engages the consumer with hands on experiences on all levels.  Featured in the March issue of design:retail, Pirch takes its customers on an immersive journey into fixtures, appliances and experience.  Read all about it here.

15th Anniversary

The end of 2014 marked the 15th anniversary of Mark Steele Photography. It's been an amazing journey opening my own studio. First I'd like to thank my clients, friends and colleagues for the support and encouragement that made this happen. What truly makes it special is that most of the people I work with are all three to me:  Good Clients, Great Friends and Supportive Colleagues.

All creative businesses must change and adapt to thrive. A sampling of change over the first 15 years of my business; 2 studio locations, 3 corporate identity changes, 4 camera body updates, 5 website revisions and more Photoshop updates, plug ins and filter packs than I could possibly remember. Let's not forget my three biggest changes of all; film to digital, PC to Mac and large to small format. 

It has been an honor to serve the retail design world and to provide imagery to all the trade publications that promote our industry. Thank You to all the publishers, editors and writers for giving me the space in their books, magazines and online outlets for my images. A sampling of the over 20 book and magazine cover images I've photographed is featured here.

Finally I'd like to recognize the organizations who sponsor the trade shows and design competitions. These contests annually feature some of my best work. I partner with some of the top design and architecture talent in the world. It is a proud moment when my work is on the big screen during these awards celebrations. Within the big three competitions ARE, CSA and RDI;  I have photographed 152 award winners in 15 years including Store of the Year for M&M's.  I would have never dreamed that 15 years ago.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has made this possible and I hope to partner with all of you for more than another 15!

2015 RDI Awards Gala

I attended the RDI International Store Design Gala in New York city last week.  I was proud that two projects I photographed won numerous awards.  In the category of Specialty Food, Gourmet Grocer & Delicatessen, BHDP Architecture project Brothers Marketplace won a First Place as well as  an Innovation Award for Wayfinding, Signage & Environmental Graphics.

Another site I photographed, Lord & Taylor, Albany NY won a Show Window Innovation Award as well. 

A tribute to Rodney Fitch and the stories shared by designers he influenced was touching.  I worked at Fitch for nearly 12 years and had the pleasure of meeting him many times.  He was passionate about design and always had kind words.  My years at Fitch are a big reason of why and where I am today. 

I enjoyed the Gala as it’s always nice to see the great work being done within the retail design industry as well as getting together with the people that create it!