VisionEntriesArchitectural photography of retail spaces is more than creating images. This section is intended to showcase my procedures, thoughts as well as current and archived work. Please feel free to return again as this is frequently updated.

Visions 01-A Few Things About Myself

It’s been THIRTY years now (yes, 30!) that I’ve been in the photography business.  Wow!  It really doesn’t seem that long.  I’ve been to so many places, met so many people, and have photographed so many sites that the years have flown by!  I'm sure you can only guess how much experience that time can bring.  So much has become second nature and making it look easy is part of the sweat of the past.  Thus, I would like to spend this first edition filling you in on a bit of my past.

Stepping out of photography school in 1987, my hope was to work as a studio photographer.  That took me to Fitch (then Richardson Smith) as an assistant, eventually moving up to staff photographer.  The 90’s brought so much growth to the company in all the design practices, that I needed to be able to do it all-retail, graphic, product.

Leaving there in 1998, I hoped to build a studio based upon all that experience, but something happened that I wasn’t expecting.  It seemed that the Fitch 90’s powerhouse was very influential in retail design, and the people within the industry wanted me to photograph their sites as well.  

That was my start within the retail design photography business.  I was so busy with it, and with the changes in the photography market within the studio sector, I was driven to become a prime retail location photographer.  Since then I’ve worked with so many players, nd I look forward to many more.

I have been married for thirty years as well and have three children, play guitar, am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and love landscape photography.  The color image you see above is from Cooks Forest State Park in Pennsylvania.  I grew up near this area and love to return when I can. A spectacular place that reminds me so much of my youth and spending time in wooded areas-mainly just observing.  The other is from a trip a few years ago to Alaska.  I’ve always loved the Orotone images of Edward Curtis, and have loved giving some of my images a personal effect similar, though I prefer more of a brown color than the warm gold.  It leaves me with a nostalgic reminder of the past and how the masters have influenced what I do today.

Fast Food Showdown

Wendy's Prototype

This year I’ve photographed four new prototypes within the fast food industry,  All feature ordering kiosks and better seating options. The intent is to improve service and give patrons a better dining room experience. Visit the links for a small taste of  Wendy’s in Columbus,OH, KFC Big Chicken in Marietta GA , Subway in Chula Vista, CA and McDonalds in Manhattan

Subway Fresh Prototype

California Vacation 2017

Yosemite from Tunnel View

This year I vacationed in California with my wife for our 3oth anniversary.  I've always wanted to walk in the steps of two of the masters I've always respected-Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.  I must say, it was inspiring!  I can easily see why so many photographers make a pilgrimage here as the light and scenery are the most beautiful I've seen.  A few of the images can be seen here.

Happy Accidents

I meticulously back up every image that I shoot, both at the studio and with a redundant hard drive stored off site. The fireproof cabinet that once housed my film portfolio is now full of hard drives full of raw files and client deliveries. I had some formatting issues with a final image back up recently and while I didn’t lose any data it was really nice to see the amazing cross section of work over the past several years. Retail, studio, product, landscape, still life and portraiture-I’m feeling so blessed to do what what I love in so many genres.

Subway Fresh Forward

Eating fresh takes on a whole new look. A new logo, interior design and operational flow give Subway a cleaner modern look for its Fresh Forward redesign. The revised color palette along with improved display cases and lighting showcase the brands commitment to fresh ingredients. Designed by FRCH, prototypes nationwide are performing well.

See the entire shoot here.