About Mark Steele Photography

Mark A. Steele Photography Inc. is a full-service retail interior architecture photography studio that specializes in creating images for a variety of uses, including editorial, marketing, and advertising.

Retailers, design firms and advertising agencies return to Mark A. Steele Photography again and again

because of his desire to go beyond simple documentation, showcasing the creative intent of designers, architects and creative directors. In addition, major retail publications frequently contact Mark for images to support their editorial objectives.

LenscraftersMark’s photography always captures more than just the physicality of a space. From our first assignment together, his goal has been to communicate how the space feels when you are in it. He captures its essence. Mark not only has the tools and skills to achieve this, it’s a fundamental part of how he works.

Christian Davies
Executive Creative Director, Americas, Fitch

Between RDI, NASFM, and Chain Store Age design competitions and within the past ten years, Mark A. Steele Photography has photographed over 100 award winners including VM+SD/RDI Store of the year—M&M’s World in Orlando, FL, for Chute Gerdeman!

In all, that’s an average of 10 awards a year for a single photographer. Quite impressive! But besides collecting awards for his clients, Mark’s photography has been used in PR, marketing, books, magazines, journals, sales sheets, and annual reports. Clients have also used his images to impress Wall Street investors, mall developers, and franchisees.

M-and-M-NY01Mark has an incredible talent for capturing the essence of our retail environment designs! He focuses on thoroughly understanding the branded retail design strategy and how to creatively capture this with his images. Each of his photographs reflects his artistic attention to detail, color, lighting and spatial composition.

Elle Chute
Principal, Chute Gerdeman

Besides having his work featured at the National Retail Federation headquarters in Washington, DC as well as its Big Show in NYC, he has photographed award-winning projects including softlines, hardlines, and hospitality projects such as Fixtures Living, The Flagship Store, Exchange, M&M’s World, White Castle, New Balance, Jack Daniels, Ben Sherman, Dell, Benihana, The Sports Authority, Timberland, Highland Park Market, Henri Bendel, Sunglass Hut, and Fossil.

TimberlandIntegrity, authenticity and making a difference are all distinct qualities at Timberland and we look to partner with individuals that share those same core values.  Mark has proved that he possess all these characteristics along with his proficiency to capture the essence of the overall design and the veracity of the moment through composition, lighting and details are all documented in his work.  His passion for doing the right thing along with his humble intention/hope that his work in some small way will make a difference in people’s attitudes towards what/how they view the imagery they are viewing.  Mark’s passion, willingness and commitment to do the right thing has made working with him a true partnership.

Bevan Bloemendaal
Senior Director – Global Creative Services, The Timberland Company

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About Mark A. Steele Photography

“Mark captures more than the architecture of a space. He brings to life the emotion, voice and experience of great space design.”

Brian Priest
Senior VP/Creative, Upshot

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