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Architecture photography of retail spaces is more than creating images.  This section is intended to showcase my procedures, thoughts as well as current and archived work.  Please feel free to return again as this is frequently updated.


Henri-Bendel4Design Lighting

A recent discussion within a photography forum concerning lighting had me thinking.  A photographer wondered how much lighting is needed for a site.  Many on the forum felt natural was the way to go, while others felt that creative liberties should be allowed.

As a photographer of retail spaces, I’ve always tried to light within the confines of the environment, but still have the textures, colors, and necessary merchandising and graphics play their part.  Woods and stones in particular will almost always need supplemental lighting on them in order to showcase their natural beauty.   Even still, I try hard to have any supplemental lighting match the store choices.

Other considerations on my end are tied to focal points within the image, merchandising as well as consumer walk-thru spaces.  Highlighting these allows a viewer of an image to see what I call the design intent of a space.  By focusing on these details I feel my photography visually aligns what a designer had intended a site to look like to the actual images.

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